A Journey Down The Rabbit Hole!

Kyusho Combatives is a focus on the investigative study, application and testing of the employment of strategy, along with martial and combative principles that produce successful self protection results.

Investigative study, application and testing needs clarification. This isn’t a book club, but does involve at times the need to have a foundation of varifiable knowledge as the base for what the group spends most of it efforts on, which is testing on each other, all the principles involved with delivery and applications.

Perfect practice makes perfect, I believe is the saying and all practice and application of principles is delivered with every ones safety in mind.

Investigate study therefore is an echo of a principle from the Book of Five Rings – Pen and sword in accord!

The goal of the study group is about getting to a result that offer the self protection practitioner all the tools needed to neutralise their attacking threat whilst incorporating as many of the following:

  • the least amount of generic based movements required – one tool, many applications
  • use of only scientifically/proven and tested targets and tools producing repeatable results  in the largest demographic
  • the fastest most efficient method of delivery
  • all practitioners of different age, strengths can reproduce the results

What was once preached that the target areas were the size of a ten cent piece which relied on accuracy to access for success has long been debunked. The idea of acupuncture points may still be communicated to offer a universal understanding of placement, but the truth is that the targets that lie beneath are vastly largely than what was first communicated. The complicated system of TCM once taught as the way to understanding Pressure Points has now been found to be the least efficient method to learn and apply the skills involved.

When you put the right combination of: movement, target, weapon, angle, direction, trajectory, mental intent and the secret sauce…magic happens as a result! Deliver a combined understanding of all the above and the result is your opponents nervous system going into shut down out of self preservation!

This group, studies those successful methodologies and principles that were born from the fields of self protection:

  • Military & Warrior Based Combatives – Principles from Krav Maga, Systema & Pencak Silat
  • Kyusho-Jutsu & Dim-Mak – Vital Point Striking & Compressions to Nerve & Blood Networks of the Body
  • Karate-Jitsu/Ryukyu Kempo/Rye Te – Teaching principles as passed down through Kata
  • Hatkutsuru Ken (White Crane Hand) – Body Electronics & Polarity Change
  • Kinetics – mechanics concerned with the effects of forces on the motion of a body or system of bodies, especially of forces that do not originate within the system itself
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) – neuro-physiological influences 

Do you want to join me on this journey?

Contact me to see if you meet the criteria for acceptance.


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